Eyebrow Threading

** Available at all our locations **
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Eyebrow ThreadingIf you are one of those people who endlessly dote over smallest of details and cannot handle anything less than perfect then threading at Chandni’s is the place to shape your eyebrows.

At Chandni's Spa & Salon:

  • We use antibacterial thread that is 100% natural cotton to prevent any infections
  • Our specialists are trained to remove even those short stubbly hairs to provide smooth & silky skin
  • We will provide a very precise look with least pain possible leading to a better shaped brow
  • Our expertise with threading prevents any pulling or stretching of your delicate facial skin which in the long term prevents early wrinkle formation

Why threading?

  • It is natural; there are no artificial waxes, chemicals or invasive techniques that are used.
  • It is found by many to be less painful than waxing.
  • There is less skin irritation because it is targeted to individual hairs.
  • It is very precise and as a result the brow is better shaped
  • Threading is completely safe and dermatologist-recommended for individuals who are currently using medications like Accutane and Retin-A.
  • The redness is minimum and that does occur usually subsides in an hour


Chandni's Spa - Morrisville
3608-200 Davis Drive
Grace Park - Near Starbucks
Morrisville NC 27560
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Raleigh Triangle

Eyebrow Threading by Chandni's
5639 Creedmoor Rd.
Near Crabtree Valley Mall
Raleigh NC 27612
(919) 781-1599

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Chandni's Spa & Salon Cary
744-C E. Chatham St.
Chatham Shopping Ctr.,
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 466-9099

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Chandni's Spa Durham
105 W. NC Hwy 54, Suite 229
Homestead Mkt-South Point Area
Durham, NC 27713
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